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Edo belongs to the most talented and creative people I have ever met. He understands how to translate a corporate and product strategy into a customer and ultimately user-experience. If you let him, he will turn user-experience into a competitive advantage for any software company. Beyond his talent and his professional skills, Edo is an inspiration and an idol. With his energy, his positivity and unwavering will to make this world a better place with small but important and tangible contributions he is a role model and a force multiplier for all the people around him. I am grateful our paths have crossed.

I have been working with Edo-Jan during my 5 years at the Unit4 headquarters in Utrecht, Holland. Edo-Jan is a highly creative mind, a great leader and has a fantastic ability to capture an audience attention when sharing his visions. During our years together I have been able to engage Edo-Jan in several customer facing activities and advisory councils and he always delivered a very inspiring and mind-blowing experience for all participants. It has been a privilege for me to work with Edo-Jan and he is also a very nice and likeable person to spend time with. I am happy to recommend him to any future opportunity.

I had the pleasure working with Edo-Jan for a considerable amount of time in different capacities. Over the years Edo-Jan kept investing in growth of both his creative- and (global) executive-leadership presence and capabilities. And with tremendous success. He vents passion and energy in everything he does and is a true inspiration for customers, leaders, peers and his team. Edo-Jan’s plans and solutions are always very well thought through as well as they are actionable. I would recommend Edo-Jan for any leadership role where creativity, passion and results are key to success.

I have had the pleasure to work and meet with Edo-Jan all over the globe for many years. I consider him as one of the most caring and inspirational colleagues I worked with. Edo-Jan in short: An absolute pro. He’s a differentiating factor to any organization that can get their hands on him. He has a clear vision, is not afraid to make tough decisions and gets the job done meeting the strategy and timelines set and his creativity goes beyond belief. Besides all of this, his positive attitude should be an example to all of us.

I have been working at unit4 for 16 years. I reported directly to Edo-Jan during my last 6 years where he was the Global Head of User Experience.
Since the very beginning of the UX Center, the team Edo managed, I felt how a great environment can affect a company products portfolio. Edo-Jan encouraged me to be the best version of myself, by driving my professional and personal development.
He always acted in a very human manner without forgetting about pursuing the best quality, efficiency and proficiency of our daily job.
He is a truly creative man, he feels comfortable by challenging the status quo but being pragmatic in a perfect vision-strategy balance.It was a great time working with him, I definitely would love to work by his side again.
If you are interested in making an impact in your business, Edo-Jan is your best option.

Edo is great manager to work with. I’m happy and proud that I had a chance to work with Edo. Amazing professionalist, innovative person and just awesome collegue. Thanks Edo for great times!

Edo was a great manager. Always motivating, listening, letting me fly and getting the best out of me. I had the pleasure to work closely with him developing new innovations which put our vision one step beyond what we thought possible. He loves to tell and to listen stories. In this way, I will remember my time at Unit4 as a beautiful chapter of my life.

Edo does a magnificent job in translating an idea into a great working concept. He is nice to work with, even at night when a little extra is needed to make things work.

Mijn opvoeding kenmerkte zich voornamelijk in eerlijkheid. Gewoon eerlijk zijn. Naar jezelf toe, naar andere toe.

Bij ons thuis was iedereen altijd welkom. Mijn ouders leerden dat iedereen van nature goed was en dat je voor elkaar op moet komen daar waar het nodig is.

Wanneer diversiteit en eerlijkheid vanzelfsprekend zijn ziet de wereld er een stuk mooier en milder uit.

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