In 2012, Leonie and I made a life changing trip to Nepal. The first trip was to Langtang. There we met Pema, he literary saved my life during one of the trekking days.
After our trip we said “farewell”, realizing the chance of meeting each other again was very limited.

Five years later I came in contact with Marion, a beautiful lady living in Germany. She knew about our trip and our friendship with Pema and had the same experience with him. She later told us she invited him for a visit to Germany for some days. So we drove up to her place in Germany and that’s where Pema and I met again. We ended with a big hug and another “farewell”.

At the end of last year 2022, Marion contacted me again, after 5 years, she invited Pema for the second time in Germany and told us we were welcome once again. Unfortunately, due to my sickness, I couldn’t drive…
But Marion generously offered to drive Pema from Germany to our home in the Netherlands.

Yesterday at noon they, arrived and we could welcome Marion and Pema. It was a mind blowing experience having the opportunity to meet Pema for the third time. After lots of catching-up and sharing memories; Marion and Pema departed around 18:00. And with big hugs, this time we didn’t say “farewell” but “see you in 5 years my friend”.

Thank you Pema for being Pema, and thank you Marion for being such a caring, loving and beautiful human being.


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